Beautiful Northern BC is an idyllic location to consider when you are looking at investing in your next private recreational property, well-established ranch land or anything in between. This wild and wonderful area has so much to offer its residence both new and old. With its picturesque views of the rocking mountains, rolling hills of the Peace, unique ecosystem of our local boreal forest and the lush and abundant agricultural land that sustains our livestock as well as our livelihoods all create an opportunity for a life well lived in the North. 

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The first step when considering your property purchase, whether it's bare land, a functioning ranch or recreational property is to secure a preapproval. Having a preapproval in place allows your agent and yourself to have a clear understanding of your budget & limitations and the opportunity to act quickly when a property that matches your criteria hits the market. Our Ranches and Rural agents work diligently to create loyal & diverse professional networks and can help you to find a mortgage specialist in your area. 

Below are some other helpful resources to look at when considering purchasing a ranch or rural property. 

Farm Credit Canada:

Government of BC:



Once you are ready with financing in place our Ranches and Rural agents will meet with you to discuss your specific wants and needs when it comes to your impending purchase. Do you need to be close to a city center for feed & farm supplies, are natural water sources on the property a must-have, will you be residing on the property or using it recreationally? All of these questions and more will help our agents to find your dream property.