Selling a property can be a complicated and a time consuming process if you do it alone. At Ranches & Rural, we will not only help you obtain the absolute best price for your property but will also facilitate a smooth and stress free transaction. This is one of the biggest financial transactions for more people so let us do the hard work, so you can focus on your next steps. It requires years of expertise, skill and knowledge to sell a wide-ranging nature of the properties that are in rural locations. Our agent will gather all the data that is required. Everything from zoning information, agricultural leases, local utilities, environmental assessments, and off the record items to then present to the buyers.

We will aggressively market your property so it exposes your ranch/farm to the largest possible audience, in the shortest amount of time and therefore attracting the right eager buyers.



All rural properties are unique and diverse. We will find a buyer who understands the true value of your property. We will create an atmosphere of credibility and desirability in which buyers are compelled to keep on listening. Below are some of our perfected personalized marketing tactics that we use: 

  • We are very active participants on all major social media platforms. This allows your listing to reach an endless amount of people. These are the platforms we utilize most: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter

  • Our dedicated website “Ranches & Rural” is another platform that is near to impossible to miss when searching for either ranches or rural properties in Canada

  • Appointments are arranged for showing the property. While it’s being showed detailed maps are handed out, area information is provided any unique features are amplified

  • Paid advertisement is used to catch the attention of all potential buyers whether they are searching for a property to buy or not. This brings high quality traffic to the main website  - this is done online as well as in the newspaper

  • Individual property brochures are created. Inside the prospective buyers will find numerous photographs, detailed maps and pertinent information on the property 

  • For Sale signs - eye catching, memorable and an effective way to promote your property

  • Your property will circulate throughout the Century 21 Canada website for even more exposure